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Granite Blade
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Product: Views:465Granite Blade 
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Last updated: 2019-09-30 23:40

1.Product introduction:

Granite saw blade is mainly for cutting granite, also for concrete and other types of stone, the diameter 

350/400/450/500/600/700/800mm can be offered, the segments are made by diamond/steel powder to guarantee good stability, easy cutting and good trimming.

2.Product parameters:

Diameter(Mm) Inner Hole Diameter(Mm) Bit Tool Thickness(Mm) Bit Tool Height(Mm) Tooth Number
300 50 3.4/3.2 15 24
350 50 3.4/3.2 15 24
400 50 3.6 15 28
450 50 3.8 12 32
500 50 4.2 12 36
600 50 4.8 12 42
700 50 5.2 10 46
800 50 6.0 10 50
900 50 6.0 10 50

PS:other sizes can be OEM/ODM by our factory.

Different segments shapes:


3.The advantages of the granite saw blades:

Proprietary segment design provides consistently high quality sawing performance;

Wet cutting only;

Very fast cutting;

Pattern Diamond Technology

High diamond concentration for extra long life.

4.Production process:

1. Make up diamond/metal powder formula of segments by our factory:

2. Hot press technology to produce segment parts:

3.Cold press of segments:

4.High temperature sintered of segments:

5. Segments finishing(ps:other shapes can be produced):

6.Weld the segments on the blades:

7.Twice quality inspection to issure no edge broken:

8.Polish the saw blade:

9.Color the saw blade by your requirement, color customized:

10.OEM laser printing:

11.A perfect granite cutting blade produced by Changli brand:

5.Suitable for different cutting machines:

6.The packaging(OEM/ODM offered):

PP plastic , carton box and wooden case:

7.Company introduction:


8.Our service:

Product service:

Pre-sales service:

After sale service:


No matter what form the stone material takes, it needs regular maintenance and cleaning. Do you know the method of cleaning and maintaining the stone material cut by diamond saw blade?

1. Preliminary cleaning

A preliminary thorough cleaning can help identify contaminated areas, using a neutral cleaning agent with a PH between 7 and 8.5 to avoid any possible corrosion or color changes to granite, cement slurry joints and adjacent areas.Use a frictionless brush or pad when cleaning.

2. Chemical cleaning

When the surface is dry, the stain will appear as a dark stain. Since stain removal is a process of repeated tests, we believe that chemical agents (decontamination, wax remover or oil remover and glue remover) should be directly applied to the contaminated area first.Follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure the best results.

3. Clear away the paste

Paste removal refers to the adsorption of stains into the paste.Different scavengers can be added to the paste to improve the effect.

4, to protect

After the stain is removed, the granite is washed and dried with water, and the next step is to protect it from future contamination.

5, maintain

In order to ensure the beauty of the stone cut by diamond saw blade can be maintained for a long time, a neutral cleaning agent can be used for daily cleaning. If necessary, polishing agent can be used weekly to polish the table. Polishing agent can also protect the stone surface from dirt and water infiltration, and make the stone present high brightness.

Disc plate plane milling cutter main stone plate surface rough milling processing, in order to obtain better flatness, can be relatively flat stone thickness (fixed thickness), mainly used to correct the thickness error of the plate, to ensure the uniform thickness of stone plate processing, at the same time to eliminate grooves to correct flatness, in preparation for the back polishing process. Its working principle is the use of milling machine (thickness machine), the use of the disc structure of the milling disc, the edge of the disc is welded with a circle of diamond cutter head, milling disc do rotation movement, and with a certain pressure on the stone, through the relative movement of milling disc and stone, milling disc on the cutter head milling stone to achieve the purpose of milling flat thickness. The common parameters of disc type plane milling cutter are shown in table 5-4.Side milling cutter disc is mainly used for grinding side edge of stone to make it reach a certain size and gloss. The milling wheel diameter is 200mm and 300mm, and the linear speed is 30~40m/s. Ii love